Summer in the Killington Region

Summer in Killington is a special time. The mountains of Vermont, a lush green with summer foliage, for the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities.

The junction of the Appalachian and Long Trails form a nexus of hiking trails through the Green Mountains. Both through and day hikers alike can access some of the most breath taking scenery in North America from the many craigs, cliffs, gores, and overlooks that exist in the area.

Of course, golf courses abound through out the region. From mountainside to the valley floor, you will find a golf course that will push your game to it's limits.

If golf is not your game, how about mountain biking, covered bridge tours, site seeing in local villages, Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, you name it, you can do it from Killington. Some helpful links to find summer attractions can be found below.